Accelerates company’s long-term growth strategy and the evolution of its industry-leading clinico-genomic data capabilities

TAMPA, FL - January 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --M2GEN, a bioinformatics company accelerating discoveries in oncology research through industry leading data and analytics, today announced that it has expanded its executive team with the appointments of Daniel Elgort, Ph.D., as Chief Data and Analytics Officer and May Yoon as Chief People Officer. The two appointments strengthen M2GEN’s commitment to deliver differentiated analytics solutions for oncology research by attracting and developing world-class talent.

Daniel Elgort, Ph.D., was most recently Chief Scientific Officer at Covera Health, where he built a unique healthcare data platform to collect cancer diagnosis data (e.g., advanced radiological and pathology tissue images) and link it to longitudinal clinical data, including pharmaceutical and surgical interventions. Dr. Elgort was also responsible for building advanced analytic products and services designed to help clinicians improve quality of care for patients. He holds baccalaureates in biomedical engineering and computer science from Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Science and Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

“We are pleased to welcome Dan to the M2GEN executive leadership team. As both a Fortune 100 leader and entrepreneur, Dan has spent his entire career at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and data science delivering unique digital products and services that meaningfully impact patient outcomes. Dan’s experience will be invaluable as we continue to scale and enhance our data and analytics solutions,” said Jim Gabriele, CEO of M2GEN.

“I am excited to apply my experience with novel healthcare data platforms to the fundamental work that M2GEN has built,” said Dr. Elgort. He added, “The ORIEN network, with its Total Cancer Care (TCC) protocol, provides a much-needed standardized approach for collecting patient clinico-genomic data and sharing this data between healthcare providers and with industry collaborators. I look forward to contributing to the continued development of this network and its underlying technology.”

May Yoon brings 15 years of experience in human capital management and capability building from her previous roles as Chief People Officer at Agio, a VC-backed IT firm, and at Clear, a biometric identity company. In both roles, Yoon oversaw efforts to successfully develop and deliver end-to-end people strategies to transform company capabilities and drive customer impact and business results. She earned baccalaureate degrees in international relations and psychology from Wellesley College and a Master of Science in management and strategy from the London School of Economics.

“We are very excited to welcome May to the M2GEN executive leadership team. M2GEN is in the process of transforming its organization and capabilities, and we look forward to drawing on May’s talent development experience in technology-driven companies to drive patient impact and growth in the years to come,” said Gabriele.

“M2GEN has built a remarkable team, and I look forward to bringing my experience in HR, operations and strategy to help position the company for patient impact and growth,” said Yoon. “This is an exciting time to be a part of a company that is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to help patients in need while building a mission-driven destination for talent to thrive.”

About M2GEN
M2GEN is an oncology-focused bioinformatics solutions company advancing precision medicine and transforming cancer care through clinical and molecular data and analytics tools. The company’s innovative dataset accelerates the discovery, development, and delivery of personalized therapies. M2GEN’s Oncology Research Information Exchange Network® (ORIEN), an alliance of NCI-Designated cancer centers that gather de-identified and lifetime-consented clinical and genomic patient data for research purposes, enables a collaborative approach to the fight against cancer for patients today and tomorrow. M2GEN currently has more than 300,000 total consented patients across a network of 18 cancer centers in 10 states.

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