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doctor on tablet expanding DNA and clincal data squareAs a long-time innovator in oncology, Aster Insights has world-class expertise in accelerating the life cycle of oncology medical product development. Our solutions are based on scientific and clinical intelligence and strengthened by our unique partnership with patients, academia, and industry. We empower our partners to uncover new targets and biomarkers, enhance cancer detection, deepen our understanding of new treatments, discover new indications, and accelerate clinical trials.

Our best-in-class research-grade multimodal Avatar dataset includes:

  • Longitudinal and lifetime consented clinical data
  • Tumor DNA
  • Gremline DNA
  • Tumor RNA
  • Digital Pathology

Aster Insights’ multimodal dataset accelerates oncology product discovery and development:

  • Target and biomarker identification and validation
  • Mechanisms of resistance
  • Indication expansion
  • Retrospective research studies
  • Prospective registry and trial development

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