Whole Slide Imaging

Aster Insights introduces a new modality to our AVATAR database: Whole Slide Imaging (WSI). WSI plus our market leading clinicogenomic AVATAR dataset enables the most comprehensive view of a patient’s cancer.

~20 Cancer Types

WES, WTS, Germline

Identify Biomarkers

Assess Tumor Response

Illuminate Oncology Discovery

Aster Insight’s WSI linked data modalities introduce histology slides of tumor and healthy tissue cells for 20+ cancers. Coupled with the AVATAR database, this provides unparalleled insight into the behavior of cancer at the individual patient level. Trust in the richness of the AVATAR clinicogenomic dataset, paired with lifetime consented clinical data for more than 350,000 patients, to accelerate drug discovery.

doctor on tablet expanding DNA and clincal data

Enabling The Most Expansive View of a Patient’s Cancer

Facilitate insights into patients’ individual cancers and unlock computational, spatial, relational and progressive views of tumor composition with linked Whole Exome, Whole Transcriptome and Germline sequencing, with observational clinical data across the entirety of each patient's cancer care. AVATAR empowers research teams to accelerate drug discovery, expand label indication, uncover novel new targets, and improve understanding of resistance pathways and combination therapies for existing drugs through cancers with similar RNA expression.

New Targets and Indications

Use digital pathology image analysis techniques to extract quantitative data from H&E images

Biomarker Identification

Identify and analyze potential biomarkers that may be used for diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment.

Treatment Response

Determine whether treatment is effective and whether there are any changes in tumor morphology.

Multiomics and AI

ML models for complex multiomics analysis, visualize data in a new format. 

WSI: Unlock New Frontiers in Multiomics and AI

Using Aster Insights WSI and AVATAR data, research teams are now able to conduct complex analyses such as extracting new, more accurate information from computer visioning models (tumor cell counts, size, morphology), run ML models for complex multiomics analysis to uncover novel new targets, identify novel biomarkers, and measure treatment response and visualize data in a new format by looking directly at tissue cell slides

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