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SEARCH is an accelerated and consultative system that allows clients to access rich clinical and molecular insights from Aster Insights’ AVATAR database in the form of a ready-to-use report. Leveraging their national collaboration between cancer patients and research centers, Aster Insights’ experts query AVATAR data targeting your scientific interests - putting valuable multimodal, longitudinal data in your hands.

Cost Effective




Rich, Real-world Oncology Data Delivered to You

Services for Examination Analysis Research and Consultation on Health data (SEARCH) allows researchers to submit queries on the AVATAR database to Aster Insights scientific data experts, with results returned in the form of a comprehensive report.

Serving as the nexus of an exclusive collaboration between leading biopharmaceutical companies and prominent cancer centers across the United States, Aster Insights has unique access to consented patient data.

AVATAR is a multimodal longitudinal database designed to support research in target identification, biomarker discovery, and indication strategy. SEARCH is a custom option for expanding your bioinformatics capabilities, without bringing a team in-house.


Licensing Aster Insights AVATAR database is a great option for companies with the in-house data science expertise to maximize the investment. Alternatively, SEARCH offers companies all of the benefits of AVATAR, helping facilitate decisions on patient stratification, biomarker discovery, and mechanisms of resistance, in a more affordable, flexible service.

Accessing annotated and linked clinicogenomic data from our exclusive, scalable network, by leveraging to data experts in oncology and bioinformatics and omics, helps you fill specific research gaps including

  • Subtyping by RNAseq
  • Gene expression profiling
  • Survival analysis

Efficient and Cost Effective

For smaller projects or companies without an in-house bioinformatics team, SEARCH allows researchers to access critical insights to longitudinal clinical-genomic data on real world patients.


SEARCH saves you time, by eliminating the need to write your own queries. Aster Insights’ scientific team quickly delivers targeted insights related to the specific information you want queried.

Actionable Data

The SEARCH deliverable is a ready-to-use report with summary data and easy-to-extract information in the form of tables, graphs and essential methodology.


SEARCH advances research goals quickly and fills specific gaps, supporting your next objective — a clinical trial, investment round, or publication.



Our pay-per-project format allows you a set timeframe to ask targeted questions to Aster Insights to leverage our extensive AVATAR database.

Consultative Research

Our analytics service delivers results as easy-to-digest tables and figures which are ready to use, without the need to process raw data.

Seamless Customer Journey

From project kickoff to follow-up, leverage Aster Insights bioinformatics expertise, and leave with a fully-explained presentation of clinical and oncology deep molecular discovery data.

Outsourced Data Science

SEARCH allows you to outsource the analytics, reserving your bandwidth, while reaping the benefits of Aster’s data experts and the AVATAR database.

The Aster Approach

We remove the barriers to access rich, longitudinal data from life-time consented oncology patients.

Working as an extension of your in-house team, we supplement your ongoing research by providing cost-effective SEARCH data.

Effective cancer therapies for all patients should not be limited by budget, and outsourcing to Aster Insights ensures it isn’t.

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“The type of relationship and expertise that we bring to the table bridges an access gap for companies without their own internal bioinformatics team. We provide those analytical capabilities for them.”

Dan Elgort, PhD

Chief Data and Analytics Officer of Aster Insights

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