Access Unmatched Longitudinal Patient Oncology Datasets with Aster Insights

We are the nexus of a one-of-a-kind oncology discovery ecosystem where cancer centers, pharma, and patients are collaborative partners. Under the Total Cancer Care® protocol we are the only organization that provides multimodal, lifetime patient-consented clinical and molecular data to accelerate personalized cancer drug discovery.

Together, we are changing the future of cancer - with patients as partners.


Licensing AVATAR gives you full access to deep molecular and clinical real-world data from 350,000+ life-time consented patients. With 22,000+ AVATAR pre-built cohorts and the ability to design precision datasets, the dynamic nature of AVATAR is accelerating gene fusion and biomarker research.


The deep molecular data and clinical insights from AVATAR is made affordable and accessible through SEARCH. Ask specific research questions and let the Aster team relay the results in ready-to-use reporting to supplement your research efforts.

Join our groundbreaking efforts in advancing precision oncology.