Our Approach

Harnessing the Power of Many

We connect people, organizations, teams, and data — fearlessly and collaboratively.
Discovering new ways to treat cancer can only be accomplished by joining forces and exploring new territories that we cannot find alone.

By connecting multimodal patient data with drug discovery companies and oncology research centers across the United States, we are expediting the delivery of more personalized therapies to provide better outcomes for every person living with cancer.

Our Network:

Aster Insights - ORIEN - Total Cancer Care

Aster Insights ORIEN partners are an alliance of nationally renowned academic cancer centers who value genomics and consented clinical patient data to drive important research through collaboration. It all starts with patients enrolling in Total Cancer Care® (TCC) at these ORIEN centers.

TCC is the largest research study of its kind where patients give lifetime-consent to donate data and tissue samples throughout their cancer journey. This creates a massive database of rich longitudinal data of diverse populations—some only accessible to our network.

This constantly evolving network is designed to accelerate and improve cancer research—now and in the future.

With the foundation of patients as partners, and Aster Insights central to the strategic direction, operations, and bioinformatics capabilities, ORIEN cancer centers and biopharma groups can leverage rich clinicogenomic data to push the boundaries on meaningful cancer research and therapeutic development.


We are helping power research and next-generation oncology discovery. Biopharmaceutical companies play a vital role in the fight against cancer, from researching new targets to developing innovative clinical trials and ultimately bringing new medicines to the market.

By leveraging our database to support their efforts, we help our pharma partners achieve oncology R&D goals by offering clinicogenomic datasets, and generating patient AVATARs for translational research activities such as, novel target identification, biomarker discovery and resistance mechanism research.


Total Cancer Care Protocol:

Lifetime Patient Partnership

A core principle of the Aster Insights foundation is empowering ORIEN partners to properly use, resource and maintain the operational infrastructure of the IRB-approved, HIPAA-Compliant Total Cancer  CareTM (TCC) Protocol.

Through TCC, patients consent to be studied and re-contacted throughout their entire cancer journey, making them an active partner in research and enabling the potential to match and enroll them in clinical trials.

Researchers working with TCC gain the ability to correlate targets with response and outcomes data, powering the development of novel targets and diagnostics.

To date, 350,000+ cancer patients are lifetime-consented in TCC, creating a uniquely enriched dataset.

  • Continuously updated clinical records
  • Explore other data modalities like whole slide images or plasma specimens
  • Access to additional specimens
  • Monitor disease progression and patient therapy response

Oncology Discovery Data:

Lighting Our Path to Cures

Cancer researchers need rich, holistic and longitudinal data to navigate the complexities of cancer, and create the breakthroughs that patients, their families, and the world are waiting for. Aster Insights is committed to providing transformative oncology discovery data that will drive this to a reality.

Our data pushes boundaries—made possible through the national collaboration the Aster Insights team coordinates between patients, cancer research centers and pharma. We anticipate patient, researcher, and clinician challenges to proactively build the bioinformatics solutions needed to answer complex research questions.

Standardized collection of WES/WTS/RNA

Longitudinal clinical data throughout the patient journey

Germline molecular data

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