An expert consultative service leveraging our rich longitudinal multimodal datasets and designed to accelerate scientific insights and intelligence for discovery research.

Key Features

Aster Navigator is an advanced data analytics solution providing answers to your discovery research questions. We leverage our multimodal datasets drawn from a pan-cancer cohort of manually abstracted, curated, and harmonized longitudinal clinical data alongside matched tumor whole exome sequencing, whole transcriptome sequencing, and germline sequencing data.

Our experts collaborate with your research team to refine your hypotheses, execute your scientific objectives, and expedite your research.

Utilizing our insights from generative and predictive AI models enables deeper understanding of novel targets to accelerate discovery and development research.

Data Examples


Efficient & Cost Effective

  • Augment your team with scientific resources and analytics infrastructure​
  • Reduce your cost of data acquisition and analyses​
  • Obtain ready-to-use reports with summary data and easy-to-extract information
  • Typical turn-around time is 4-6 weeks


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