The 2nd Annual Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN) Scientific Retreat took place on March 3-4, 2020, hosted by M2GEN at the Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel. Retreat attendees included ORIEN Members, ORIEN Patient Advisory Council (PAC) Members, pharmaceutical industry partners and M2GEN. The day and a half event was attended by over 110 people. The theme of the 2020 ORIEN Scientific Retreat included:

  • Drive data utilization
  • Increase output of publications to demonstrate the power of ORIEN
  • Support the increasing demand for data for immuno-oncology approaches
  • Continuously build Avatar paying attention to current oncological priorities

The ORIEN Scientific Retreat kicked off with a warm welcome to all of our Members and Partners, followed by a brief summary of the Total Cancer Care (TCC) protocol, AVATAR Program, ORIEN Intermember Projects (OIMP) and ORIEN Clinical Trial Network (OCTN) accomplishments since March 2019.

The retreat was packed with exciting presentations and discussion panels, covering topics like patient perspectives in research, big data in advancing immuno-oncology research and drug development, post progression and serial specimens research, real world data for precision medicine & drug development, data platforms to enhance ORIEN data for precision medicine and artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML) and big data in healthcare. We look forward to hosting everyone in Tampa each year and are already looking into potential meeting venues for the 2021 retreat so we can lock down the dates and location well in advance.

Check out the highlight video from our 2020 Scientific Retreat below:

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