The Total Cancer Care® (TCC) Active Clinical Directory

The most comprehensive consented cancer patient registry available.
The key to pushing the boundaries in precision oncology.
The foundation of Aster Insights’ AVATAR dataset.

350,000+ patients

30+ Cancer types

Longitudinal data

325+ Clinical characteristics

The TCC Protocol — Lifetime Consented Patients as Partners

Aster Insight’s patented, IRB-approved TCC protocol is implemented by ORIEN members nationwide. Under the TCC protocol, patients consent to having their data collected over the course of their lifetime and agree to be re-contacted, making TCC the only lifetime patient-consented clinical and genomic database in the U.S.

This process empowers patients to participate as active partners in research and enables the potential to match and enroll them in clinical trials. Through TCC, researchers gain the ability to correlate targets with response and outcomes data, powering the development of novel targets and diagnostics.



Of patients at most ORIEN cancer centers consent to TCC


ORIEN members nation-wide

The Most Comprehensive Consented Cancer Patient Registry

Aster Insights’ TCC Active Directory brings together patients' longitudinal real world clinical data and deep molecular information into one searchable data system. This powerful tool puts this unique protocol to its best use by enabling our partners to design observational studies around active patient cohorts and real world evidence. This active approach to data generation enables the creation of advanced cohorts and the close study of treatment efficacy and outcomes over the course of patients’ lifetimes.

Continuously Expanding

Patients are empowered to join TCC. An estimated 10,000 to 20,000 patients enroll in TCC every month.

Limitless Opportunity

From custom cohorts for researchers to clinical trial matching for patients, the possibilities are endless.

Magnifying Impact

With every patient that joins, every member that collaborates, every industry scientist that explores, the impact of the individual soars.


Longitudinal Data Captured

Elevate research with a holistic picture that allows you to monitor clinical and molecular changes over the full patient journey.

Wide-Ranging Tumors

Gain access to cohorts for over 30 types of cancer. A variety of early, common, and rare tumors are in the TCC registry.

Multimodal Datasets

TCC brings together demographic, clinical, diagnostic, and molecular information delivered as predefined or custom cohorts.


The TCC protocol is HIPAA, NCI and NIH compliant, with secure cloud access to study data.

Efficient & Clean

TCC eliminates the need to purchase, integrate and deduplicate multiple disparate datasets, replacing this with rapid data query and meaningful inspection of clinical profiles.


TCC is implemented at the 18 ORIEN sites across the nation, offering access to data of diverse patient populations.

The Aster Insights Mindset

Tackling cancer is personal, on a human level and a molecular level, and our goal is to help people survive and thrive.

But we can’t do it alone. It requires a community of partners working together—patients, cancer research centers, and drug developers—to take on this life-altering, highly complex disease. Partners who are in it for as long as it takes, from lifetime-consented patients to long-term disease research studies and drug development programs.

Together, we collect, connect and care.

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“This sort of data asset cannot be created overnight, the TCC Active Clinical Registry holds over 350,000 patients who agree to participate, be studied and re-contacted. That is no small feat”

Todd Johnson

Chief Growth Officer

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